The Digital Health Method.

EvoCare enables therapy, education, medication, monitoring and feedback-gathering using evidence-based methods.







How EvoCare® got approved for standard care?

Health care providers extending their Portfolio.

Find out how EvoCare® serves providers and their patients.

Klinik Solequelle

Klinik Solequelle wins TOP 100 award for the most innovative medium-sized company 2020. Offering EvoCare® was received with special recognition in the assessment. Patients can use EvoCare there since 2019. Newsletter (page 2)

Use of digital treatments.

EvoCare is available for pre-inpatient, inpatient and post-inpatient support. The digital method is used in prevention, acute, rehab, aftercare and nursing. As approved digital treatment it can be used by trained healthcare professionals: presentation

Prevention .

In-Patient .

Out-Patient .

Rehab aftercare .

Nursing .

Advantages of the EvoCare method.

Sustainable therapy results.

More time for patients.

Innovative digital EcoSystem.


EvoCare® enables care across indications and across sectors.

The digital treatment method has been added to the core treatment catalogue and is approved indefinitely for standard treatments in Orthopedics, Cardiology, Onkology, Pulmonology, Neurology. As such it is billable as therapeutical treatment. Indicationen


Digitization creates new flexibility for professionals and patients

Thanks to the sophisticated EvoCare® process, it can be used flexibly by both patients and therapists. Therapy can be carried out at home or on a business trip, regardless of time or location. Patients can receive their treatment at home or at the clinic. The digital prescriptions provide an exact therapy plan, created by professionals, individually tailored to the patient.


EvoCare®‘s effective method.

The EvoCare® method works as well as classical therapy. It is a combination of face-to-face and digitally supported treatment. Quality and sustainability of the evaluated, tried and tested EvoCare® treatments are guaranteed by curative supervision, with personalized care and motivational support.


Digital healthcare platform

EvoCare® is a tested digital health platform for approved health care providers. The innovative digital EcoSystem enables economical therapy support and quality-assured treatment by providing the barrier-free EvoCare® method, a medical web app and digital consultation.