EvoCare Plattform

We supply healthcare providers with a powerful healthcare platform for a digital patient journey

state-of-the-art digital care...
...even at home

  • Digitization of processes in treatment and billing
  • Relief for physicians and medical staff
  • Controlled patient management and patient retention

We offer tested and efficient digital health solutions and services.

  • Referral and discharge management
  • Intersectoral networking
  • Interaction and communication
  • Cost and quality optimization
  • Additional revenues

Acute care clinics .

  • Process optimization
  • Quality
  • Revenue situation

Physician practices.

  • Exploiting budget opportunities
  • Patient control
  • Improving communication

For patients.

  • comprehensive care
  • easy at home
  • flexible


  • create transparency
  • reduce costs
  • ensure quality


  • Relieve skilled workers
  • Secure care
  • Involve relatives

Therapy practices.

  • Patient assignment and retention
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Increasing therapy capacity

Rehab clinics.

  • Document security
  • Patient retention
  • Additional revenue

Digitaler closed loop EvoCare treatment process.

EvoCare Plattform

EvoCare® offers a Digital Healthcare Platform with innovative digital treatment solutions for sustainable healthcare. On this platform, a digital EcoSystem is available for approved service providers to provide digital care to their patients.

To start digital care, the clinical treatment concept of the providing facility is integrated. The treatment is carried out by the physician or therapist. A medical web app is available to the professionals as access. They can use a digital therapy cabinet to access multi-indicative treatment content and also integrate their own medical content.

At the start of the digital care, the providing facility’s clinical treatment concept i s integrated. It is carried out by the physician or therapist and then accessible through a medical web app. Healthcare professionals can then use a digital therapy library to access multi-indicative treatment content - and also create their own medical content.

To enable completely barrier-free treatment in the patient's home environment, patients can use make use of loaner devices (EvoLino, EvoPad). Alternatively, care can be provided via the EvoCare® Patient Web App or the EvoCare® Mobile App. Depending on the indication and the requirements of the facility, external devices can be integrated for TeleMonitoring (e.g. for recording vital parameters).

EvoCare supplies service providers with everything they need via loaner device option, these are integrated into the EcoSystem and given access to the applications. EvoCare® is an EvoSafe IT infrastructure that has been tested for security and data protection and IT security by cost carriers, such as by the German pension insurance and in Austria by the BVAEB (Versicherungsanstalt öffentlich Bediensteter, Eisenbahn und Bergbau).