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The German health care system is known worldwide for its high performance level in medical treatment. The digitized EvoCare®-treatment (video) is approved and is reimbursed as a standard benefit since 2013. Therefore EvoCare® is the innovator in digitalization of health care treatment!

Patients are able to realize the modern therapy at home. EvoCare® is based on regulation, control and adaption from authorized service providers of the health sector. With EvoCare® it is possible to intensify therapy taking both quality and economy into account.

EvoCare® is an evaluated treatment procedure with electronic therapy contents and treatment processes that have been approved over the past 20 years. Therapy contents are available for the main indications (e.g. orthopedics, diseases of the circulation system, neurology, metabolic disorders, oncology). EvoCare® is deployed in prevention, therapy, rehabilitation (video) and for the treatment of elderly.

Being a gold standard method it is possible to deploy EvoCare® worldwide. For international expansion we are looking for on-site partners. We provide advice during the implementation and train medical experts in Germany for this purpose.

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