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EvoCare® is a Digital Healthcare Platform with multi-indicative treatment content. The proven digital method enables healthcare providers to treat their patients effectively and economically. Quality and sustainability are guaranteed by the approved digital method, with personal support and motivation, making the application flexible in terms of location and time.

Your Approved Digital Treatment.

Approved for Clinics and Practices, DRV, GKV, PKV.

Providers manage the treatment of their patients.

Regular payment from the proceeds of the treatment.

Access for Doctors and Therapists.

Approved EvoCare® procedure billable via service providers in standard care.

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Supporting Practitioners

Effective digital treatment with evaluated treatment content
Monitoring and documentation of digital service provision

New treatment option for patients.

Digital treatment services for the insured

Your Home-Medical-Kit .

Accessible to everyone

Patients Web App

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Optional Rental Device

Personal care with individual treatment plans
Ensuring security, data protection and data security

Simply explained by Martin Moder
Evocare digital treatment method

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Certified Digital Treatment.

Data privacy of medical information ensured.

Safe Medical Products.

Evidence-based Program.

Scientifically evident.

EvoCare® is recognized in standard care. The method is a combination of face-to-face and digital treatment. Care is provided across indications and sectors.

Digital Treatment.

After surgery or illness and as prevention, EvoCare supports patients recovering and maintaining their health. Options for digital care are: orthopedic indications such as pain treatment of in shoulder, back, hip, knee, diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, stroke, dementia, mental issues, stress management, oncological cases, chronic diseases, Post-Covid Syndrome. Indications

Hip/Knee Endoprosthesis.




Recent News.

EvoCare is the Healthcare Platform of the Long Covid Network

Pandemic-proof care - start of digital treatment while in the clinic - guided teletherapy in the patient's room - tele follow-up care from the Solequelle clinic at home.


Digital oncology aftercare supports the mind-body approach of the REGIOMED Rehabilitation Clinic Masserberg

Persistent severe fatigue, pain, loss of taste and smell, reduced performance - these are some of the potential long-term consequences of a COVID-19 disease. The Long COVID Network supports post-hospital therapy digitally. With EvoCare, it creates barrier-free access to medical and therapeutic care.


Extended recognition with reimbursement for EvoCare®.

Digital healthcare now for cancer, COVID and stroke treatment.


Advantages for care providers.

Long-term consolidation of therapy results.

More time for patients.

Innovative digital EcoSystem.

Advanced Training „Specialist Telemedicine“

The EvoCare® method is described as a theory-based procedure. Healthcare professionals are trained for the application with the German Telemedicine Center - DTZ e.V. Further training is offered by univiva. In Austria, the certificate program Telerehabilitation takes place at FH Campus Wien FH Campus Wien and FH Joanneum with EvoCare®.

Our Network of Partners.

To establish digitization in the healthcare sector networking is essential. We are working with both outpatient and inpatient health facilities. By involving the specialists, we can ensure optimal healthcare for patients.

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