Tested digital treatment.

EvoCare® has over 20 years of experience in teletherapy, tele-rehabilitation and aftercare. Social insurance providers such as the German Pension Insurance (DRV) in Germany and the Austrian Pension Insurance (PVA) and BVAEB (Federal Insurance for Public Servants, Railways and Mining) have established the method’s effectiveness and profitability in . scientific studies: Data protection compliance of the digital treatment has been verified by the respective cost carriers.

Klinik Solequelle

Die Clinic Solequelle, Bad Westernkotten (NRW) wins TOP 100 award for the most innovative medium-sized company 2020. Offering EvoCare® was received with special recognition in the assessment. Patients can use EvoCare there since 2019. Newsletter (page 2)

Klinik Solequelle
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Klinik Weser

Planning and discussing the therapy in Bad Pyrmont. Starting in 2020, DRV Bund Weser Clinic Bad Pyrmont is using EvoCare’s recognized and tested digital method for treatment. Partnering with EvoCare, the clinic has been integrated into the Digital Healthcare Platform. As part of the clinic’s multimodal program, the clinic provides medical concepts and supervison, while EvoCare is responsible for staff training, the correct implementation of tested processes to ensure quality assurance. This also enables more economic business management, supports home care and provides patients with easily accessible means of communication.


The Aggertalklinik in Engelskirchen, a clinic of the German Pension Insurance Rhineland, relaunches EvoCare treatment. DRV Newsletter 1/2021 page 3

Orthopedic’s Practice.

Using EvoCare for outpatient treatment: Practice for Orthopedics and Surgery at Campus Erding participates in the „Digital EvoCare Treatment“ project for private health insurances. Interested parties may join here: Registration

Rotkreuz Kliniken

Red Cross Clinics Frankfurt e.V. is providing patients with EvoCare.

Therapiezentrum Hardpark

Fürth-based Therapy Center with focus on digital extras uses EvoCare.

Regiomed Kliniken

Reha-Klinik Masserberg In Thuringia, digitally supports their oncology patients with Mind-Body-Treatment. Press release

Long COVID Netzwerk

Long-Covid Network designates EvoCare as Healthcare Platform of choice: Physiotherapeuten.de

Healthcare Facilitators

Austrian health care provider bvaeb.at uses EvoCare TeleRehabilitation at Bad Schallerbach and Bad Hofgastein.


“Hightech for the brain”: At the Berlin-Grünheide and Berlin-Kladow clinics, MEDIAN is making everyday much easier for speech therapists and patients with EvoCare. rbb-PRAXIS

Workplace Health Promotion

We carry out mobile screenings in companies. EvoCare®’s Vascular Screening System (ESG) is a special diagnostic tool for the early detection of health risks. After the Health Days, the pool of images from the examinations were telemedically assessed by an ophthalmologist. Special diagnostics have been carried out for over 10 years. Current customer examples: 2019 Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG - statutory accident insurance) Würzburg, 2018 Landratsamt Freising. Online-Präsentation

What do doctors say about EvoCare®?

"I am very pleased to be able to accompany our patients at home as well. We have integrated and evaluated our own treatment content with our team. For me, it is important that our treatment is adequately remunerated and that we do not have to create new structures. With EvoCare® we can rely on a tested and recognized procedure. EvoCare® provides me with all the services and technologies I need for digitized treatment.”

“With EvoCare® we chose a solution that allows us to care for our patients at home after they have been discharged from our inpatient facility. For us it was crucial that EvoCare® provides us with a recognized method with which we can bill for our treatment services. And for us, EvoCare is a very good way to improve adherence.”

What does a managing director say about EvoCare®?

Michael Musick managing director of the REGIOMED-Kliniken GmbH, headquartered in Coburg, is responsible for the non-medical infrastructure and digitalization for the southern Thuringia area. He supports the digital transformation of the healthcare network:

“We are enabling our patients to access the new digital care options. We are service providers, providing tested digital treatment solutions. Not only was the quality of care an important criterion, positive economic effects during the introduction played a part as well. EvoCare is part of the core treatment catalogue, tested by the German Pension Insurance and has been indefinitely approved as aftercare for their insured clients who participated in full-time rehabilitation measure at Masserberg to restore their work capabilities. Reimbursement of TeleTherapy or TeleRehabilitation services we provide this way in aftercare, is guaranteed.”